Welcome Back Mounties!

Welcome Back Mounties!

We’re looking forward to what the 2019-2020 school year brings us as the Mount family comes together as an education and spiritual community. We are committed  to making our classrooms and the school a sanctuary for all, where we can live, learn, and grow together. We are looking forward to getting to know each and every one of our students well, and value the contributions that each of them bring to Mount Saint Charles Academy.

If there is one thing better than a great past it’s a great future to go with it. Especially when the two are deeply tied together.

If you haven’t already heard, this year Mount returned to its roots as a boarding school by building a new residence hall. Along with newly updated and expanded facilities throughout the campus, Mounties are returning to a learning facility better equipped to nurture the body, mind and soul of our students. 

But facilities alone do not make a school and big things are also happening in Mount’s academic program. This fall, 221 Mounties arrived alongside a new team of “academic directors.” These academic directors will help teachers ensure the best instruction to our students, while promoting on-going curriculum improvement, making Mount’s scholastic program the strongest it’s ever been. 

Our new Principal, Julie Beauvais, leads this team of directors as they focus on long-term planning and development in grades 6-12, allowing Mount’s department heads to focus on students and student life.

Our students are taking advantage of Mount’s ever-expanding academic programs, bolstered by a grant that provides additional funds for science programs and greater opportunities for access to cutting-edge computer technology. 

Students will also benefit from an expanded school counseling program. Our larger counseling staff, with nationally recognized certifications, are providing new and more in-depth levels of attention for college and career planning; academic skill development and social and emotional learning.

Mount is truly a year-round campus, but the beginning of classes each fall will always be a special time. It is the intake of breath before the marathon sprint to graduation. 

Let us join together, Mounties, and embark on a great journey!

Sur la Glace skaters getting ready to go on the first day!! Excited to start on the ice next week!

Cristian McKnight-Ide is on the Mount, for the first day of 8th grade!

Mount opened its 2019 girls tennis season, hosting the sixth annual RI Injury Fund Invitational tennis tournament.

Mount’s Ocean State gymnasts setting short-term and long-term goals for the year!

Greeting our students at the classroom doors and in the hallways! Welcome to Mount!

New students get acclimated to the Mount campus at the SLA scavenger hunt.

Students arriving on the first day of school.

Senior Sunset is a great way to start off the 2019 school year.

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