Tuition and Financial Assistance

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Students at Mount Saint Charles have an exceptional experience, and coming here is a lifelong investment in your daughter’s or son’s future. We’ve worked to make a Mount education affordable for everyone who feels our school is the right fit for their child, and we’ve kept tuition as low as possible and provided financial assistance to eligible families – we award more than $500,000 annually to help our families.

Details and requirements are outlined below, as are tuition rates, scholarships, and grant-funded financial assistance opportunities. We welcome you to contact Carrie Saladin of the Mount business office at 401-769-0310, ext. 107, or by emailing with any additional questions.

When Mount graduates go to college, their college merit aid typically exceeds their high school tuition by a wide margin. The Class of 2020 earned an average of $167,000 in merit aid. That’s almost three times the current tuition for four years at Mount Saint Charles. In addition, Mount graduates are responsible, intelligent, compassionate young adults with a strong moral compass who are prepared for college and life. That return on the investment on Mount is priceless.


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2021-2022 TUITION & FEES


Standard tuition

  • Grades 6-8: $10,550
  • Grades 9-12 & Post Grad: $15,725
  • International Student: $19,725

2021-2022 Annual Fees (All Students)

  • Electronic Text Fee for Online Resources: $40
  • Book and Uniform Fees: Vary (Parent’s Council annually offers a used book and uniform sale)

Program or Grade Level Specific Fees 

  • New Students Only Registration Fee: $300 One Time
  • Seniors Only Graduation Fee: $300 One Time
  • Post-Graduate Student Fee: $2,000
  • Members of Figure Skating Academy Fee: $3,500 Annually
  • Members of Gymnastics Academy Fee: $5,000 Annually ($4,725 payable to OSSG, $275 payable to Mount Saint Charles Academy)

Boarding Students Only Residential Fee:  $25,900 Annually

Boarding Student Damage Deposit: $300 (new students only)


All tuition payments are paid through FACTS (Fast Automatic Cash Transfer System)  Tuition Management (FACTS website).  After the payment plan has begun, any changes to the payment plan will be subject to a change fee of $100.  

The Tuition Payment Policy adopted by the School Board allows three methods of payment:

Option 1: Full payment by June 1 payable through F.A.C.T.S. 

Option 2: Two equal semester payments with 1/2 due June 1st and 1/2 due December 1 payable through F.A.C.T.S.

Option 3: Eleven month payments (May-March) payable through the F.A.C.T.S. Monthly Payment Plan. This is the only monthly plan available. 

Option 1 & Option 2: There will be no enrollment fee for a family selecting Option 1 or Option 2. Families selecting either payment option will be able to make their payment online, over the phone, or by mailing a check directly to FACTS. Families may also enroll in an automated payment plan using a checking account, savings account, or credit card. 

 Option 3: There will be an enrollment fee of $50 for families selecting Option 3. Families selecting Option 3 must enroll with an automated payment plan using a checking account, savings account, or credit card. In-house payment plans will not be accepted. This option is not available for international students.

FACTS SIGN UP DEADLINE:  Families must sign up for a FACTS tuition plan within 7 days of official registration to the school.  Students can not start classes until the tuition plan has been set up. All sign ups and three months of payments must be completed prior to starting your first day of classes.  After that Mount will automatically set your tuition plan up and be charged an additional service fee of $150.    

Peace of Mind Insurance ($22.50) through FACTS is optional tuition insurance in the event of parental death.

PAYMENT DATE CHANGES:  Mount will allow families in the FACTS system to change payment dates by up to seven (7) days.  FACTS allows this up to three (3)  times a year.  The last payment of the year can not be changed. 


March 1

Mount Saint Charles must be notified by this date  if: 

  • you wish to change the payment plan option for the next school year; or
  • you do not plan to re-enroll your child at Mount.

Mount will continue to bill you under the same tuition payment plan for the duration of your child’s enrollment unless notified in writing prior to March 1 for the upcoming school year.  Returning students are considered registered students for the next year after March 1 whether or not the electronic contract was signed and  completed.


  1.  New day students are considered officially enrolled when the following are completed:
    1. the online tuition agreement/contract is completed and submitted;
    2. the contract is submitted with a nonrefundable payment of $950 ($650 tuition deposit and $300 one-time registration fee);
    3. and a FACTS tuition payment agreement has been created on the FACTS website.  
  2. New residential students are considered officially enrolled with a reserved room in the dorm when the following are completed:
    1. the online tuition agreement/contract is completed and submitted;
    2. the contract is submitted with a nonrefundable payment of 15% of all tuition and fees net any aid received plus the nonrefundable $300 new student registration fee;
    3. and a FACTS tuition payment agreement has been created on the FACTS website.  
  3. All tuition payments are to have an agreed upon due date according to the payment option chosen.
  4. Students on the monthly payment plan (Option 3) may not begin school or move into the dorm until at least three months tuition and fees have been paid; students on other payment plans must have completed the agreed upon payments (full payment for Option 1 or one semester payment for Option 2).  Residents students must be up to date on all payments before being allowed to move into the residence hall.  For students that register late this may mean that three months of tuition and fees is required in the initial payment to the school. 
  5. No payments for the current school year will extend beyond April 30 of that year.
  6. The Academy reserves the right not to accept personal or business checks under certain circumstances.
  7. A $50 fee will be charged for checks that are returned by the bank due to insufficient funds. 
  8. Personal or business checks will not be accepted as payment for a previous check that was returned by the bank; payment will be accepted only in cash or with a money order.
  9. When a parent/guardian is unable to meet an agreed upon date for payment, the parent/guardian must contact the Business Office immediately in order to make alternate arrangements. 
  10. For accounts that are in arrears(delinquent), the penalties may include any or all of the following:
    1. An account shall be considered delinquent if not paid within twenty (20) days of the payment due date.
    2. Delinquent accounts will be charged a late payment fee of $50.
    3. Delinquent accounts may have student portal and parent portal access restricted until payments are up to date.  
  1. Students with accounts more than thirty (30) days in arrears may be removed from classes and will be prohibited from participation in any Mount sponsored activity or activities with partner organizations until the delinquency is corrected.
  1. Students missing more than fifteen (15) days of class because of overdue tuition will be withdrawn.
  2. A child will not be permitted to take exams/end of semester tests until such payment is made and thus will not complete the semester or academic year or be promoted;
  3. The parents may be asked to withdraw the child from the Academy;
  4. Class schedules will be withheld prior to the commencement of a new school year until payments are received.
  5. Students will be prohibited from participating in school trips scheduled outside of regular school time. 
  6. Families choosing an ACH payment plan that miss a payment due to insufficient funds will be automatically charged a $30 fee by FACTS Tuition Management.
  7. FACTS will reattempt withdrawal of a returned payment fifteen (15) calendar days after the original payment date.
  8. Graduating seniors must meet all student obligations prior to receiving a cap and gown and tickets for graduation.  


  1. Final tuition payment for Seniors must be remitted by April 30 or graduation packets will not be released.
  2. All tuition payments and other obligations to the school must be met before graduation or a student will not be permitted to participate in graduation ceremonies and other related activities.
  3. A diploma and transcripts will not be issued until all tuition and obligations owed to the Academy have been paid.


  1. The responsible party for tuition payment and parent understands that tuition pays for various aspects of a student’s education experience at MSCA, including a portion of the salaries of various professional and non-professional staff. Parties further understand and agree that MSCA makes its staffing decisions based on enrollment and based on the parent’s agreement to pay tuition as aforesaid.  Accordingly, parent understands and agrees that its obligations to pay tuition for the full semester/school year does not cease if student withdraws (or is otherwise not able to attend school) early because parent also understands and agrees that MSCA’s expenses do not meaningfully reduce, if at all, in response to withdrawal of student.
  2. A registered student who withdraws before the start of the next school year (between March 1 and June 30) will be charged $500.
  3. Withdrawal of a new student before July 1st of the entry year commences will result in the non-reimbursement of both the registration fee and the tuition/fees deposit.  
  4. Students who are withdrawn or dismissed from Mount Saint Charles Academy for any reason will be responsible for the tuition per the following schedule.  Official school records, including transcripts and final grades, will not be released until all tuition obligations have been fully met in accordance with the following schedule.**
    1. 7/1 through 8/31 – responsible for 20% of Net Tuition + $250 processing fee
    2. 9/1 through 9/30 – responsible for 40% of Net Tuition  + $250 processing fee
    3. 10/1 through 10/31 – responsible for 60% of Net Tuition  + $250 processing fee
    4. 11/1 through 11/30 – responsible for 80% of Net Tuition   + $250 processing fee
    5. 12/1 through 12/31 – responsible for 100% of Net Tuition  + $250 processing fee
  5. Boarding students who are withdrawn or dismissed from Mount Saint Charles Academy for any reason will be responsible for the residential fee per the following schedule.  Official school records, including transcripts and final grades, will not be released until all tuition obligations have been fully met in accordance with the following schedule.
    1. On or Before 10/31 – responsible for 50% of Residential Fee
    2. On or After 11/1 – responsible for 100% of Residential Fee
  6. Transcripts and records will not be forwarded to any school or party unless all tuition and fee obligations are met.
  7. Withdrawal of an international student after July 1st of the entry year will result in the non-reimbursement of full 100% tuition.


  1. In rare cases, credit card payments for tuition and fees may be accepted and will be charged a three percent (3%) plus $45 fee.

Cafeteria Negative Balance Policy

Students with negative balances will not be allowed to charge for purchases and will need to bring their own lunch until the balance is paid.   Students will receive warnings at the register as balances move toward zero. Negative balances as of December 25th will be applied to the next tuition FACTS payment in January.  Negative balances as of Memorial Day will be applied to the next tuition FACTS payment for returning students. .  As a reminder, we encourage you to prepay money into your child’s account. This can be done at  This program allows you to set recurring payments and easily pay balances by credit card.  The program also automatically sends low balance notifications.


Grants / Financial Aid

  • Financial Aid must be applied for each year for all students and is awarded based on financial need.
  • Applications are only reviewed once a family applies for admission.
  • Students on disciplinary probation will not be considered regardless of need. If significant disciplinary problems arise mid-year, financial aid award may be revoked and the full tuition balance will become due.
  • Students must maintain a “C” average in order to continue receiving financial aid. Students receiving an average less than “C” will no longer be eligible for financial assistance.
  • Students who do not meet the academic requirements of the school and are repeatedly placed on Academic Probation may have their financial aid rescinded.
  • Financial aid will be applied evenly across all scheduled payments, based on the payment selection.
  • If a student withdraws from school before the end of the year, financial aid will be proportional to the time the student attended school.

Need-based grants are determined using the recommendations of an independent firm that summarizes financial data as provided by the parents along with special circumstances made known to the Academy.  There are no set amounts, but our philosophy is to help as many families as possible with some aid rather than a few families with large amounts of aid.  Limited aid is available at the middle school level as the pool of aid is reserved for the increased tuition at the high school level.

Apply for Financial Aid online at   The initial deadline is set by the Diocese of Providence in mid-February.  On-time applications are crucial for families seeking significant aid.  We accept applications after the deadline, though the amount of available money diminishes as the next school year approaches.  Contact the MSC Business Office for specific information regarding your Financial Aid application.

Financial Aid and Family Recipient Commitments

Families must accept the offer of financial assistance and sign the agreement that indicates understanding the requirements to assist Mount in the following ways:

  1. 10 hours of volunteer work to the Academy by parents and child
  2. Participate and raise required funds in the annual walkathon
  3. Child will participate in at least one extracurricular activity


  • Participate in other Institutional Advancement events like the auction, annual fund, parent council events, band concerts, communion breakfasts, etc.

The Financial Aid Agreement must be signed and returned before financial aid awards are released.  Families that do not live up to the agreement will not be offered financial aid in the next year.  

Alumni Legacy Award (Grades 9-12):  Mount is pleased to offer a $500 discount to children of Mount alumni (max one per child).  This discount is applied to each child attending Mount.  These scholarships are renewable each year the student attends MSC in grades 9-12 and is a student in good standing. 

Multiple-Child Discount Rate (Grades 6-12): Mount is pleased to be able to offer a discount to families making an investment for more than one child (dependent) attending Mount at the same time.  Tuition discounts are listed below.  

The discount rate is:

  • Second child – 10%
  • Third child  – 25%
  • Fourth child – 40%
  • Fifth child and beyond – Free

Woonsocket Resident Award(Grades 6-12):  $1000 discounts are available for all Woonsocket residents that qualify for financial aid.  A financial aid application must be completed.   These scholarships are renewable each year the student attends MSC and is a student in good standing. 

Corporate Park Partnerships:  Mount is currently partnering with Highland Corporate Park, Fidelity, AMICA, and Blackstone Valley Place. Employees receive a tuition award (one award max per family).  A parent needs to simply provide a letter to the Mount Business Office from his or her employer, indicating that he or she is an employee of a company in the park. This letter must be provided annually by August 1 prior to the start of the new school year.

Academic & Merit Scholarships (Grades 6-12):  Academic and merit scholarships are awarded through the admissions process.  These awards are given to students that take the entrance exam at Mount Saint Charles and complete the application process by January 15.   Financial awards that honor achievement throughout the Mount experience are also given annually.

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