Sur La Glace

About the Program

We are now offering an innovative program for young figure skaters that cuts their training costs, eliminates daily travel, and creates time for extracurricular activities. Students can supplement their on-ice training with dance training in the school’s studio, strength training in the weight room, and on-site nutritional support. Training during school time satisfies skaters’ physical education requirements. That, and eliminating travel between school and training, gives skaters time for music, arts, clubs, and other extracurricular pursuits.


Skaters will take three figure skating courses each day. These courses replace Physical Education/Health and two electives. They will count towards high school graduation requirements and be recognized when applying to college (32 credits available for high school graduation, which breaks down to 12 Figure Skating, 4 Religion, 4 English, 3 Math, 3 Science, 3.5 Social Studies, 2 World Language, and 0.5 Technology).

The program will include on-ice time for group classes, individual practice, and private lessons, as well as specialized off-ice instruction (dance, strength and conditioning, sports psychology, and nutrition). This will all be built into the school’s daily rotating schedule. All of the figure skaters, grades 6-12, will be grouped together and participate in the Sur la Glace program. Supervision is available at the school until 6 p.m. daily at no extra charge. Dinner is available for students as well.

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