A Safe, Bully-Free School

A Safe Learning Environment

Mount Saint Charles Academy endeavors to maintain a safe learning environment where students can achieve their best and meet the highest academic standards. Mount Saint Charles is committed to creating an environment in which every student develops academically, physically, and emotionally in a caring and supportive atmosphere that is free of bullying in all its forms, including harassment, intimidation, bullying, and cyber-bullying. Mount Saint Charles Academy’s internal policies follow the Rhode Island Department of Elementary and Secondary Education’s Safe School Act Statewide Bullying Policy found here: Statewide Bullying Policy

Reporting Bullying

Students who believe that they are a target of bullying, who observe an act of bullying, or who have reasonable grounds to believe that these behaviors are taking place, should report incidents to a member of the school staff.  A target of bullying will not be subject to discipline for not reporting incidents of bullying.

Should anonymity be desired, Mount has created an Incident Report Form for students, parents, and others in the Mount community to report the behaviors in a safe, discreet manor. The link to the form is below.