Richard Lawrence Endowed Scholarship Fund

Dear Fellow Mount Alumni, 

I am excited to tell you about a new scholarship fund named for legendary Mount Saint Charles teacher Richard Lawrence. Like everything about Mr. Lawrence, the Richard Lawrence Endowed Scholarship Fund is all about helping students — specifically those with the ability and desire but not the financial means to attend Mount. I’m hoping you’ll join me in building this fund to honor Mr. Lawrence’s life’s work by helping future generations make it to Mount.

Mr. Lawrence has been educating and coaching at Mount for 50 years, touching many thousands of young lives, including mine, in the classroom and through athletics.

Mr. Lawrence taught several of my classes and was also my tennis coach for four years.  He was a steady presence in my life who always seemed to have the right thing to say at exactly the right time.  Although it was 30 years ago, I remember distinctly that Mr. Lawrence cared a lot about my using the correct format for an essay.

However, he cared a great deal more for what I expressed through my writing. He expected me to win on the tennis court, but he demanded that I represent myself, the team and the school with integrity and respect, win or lose.  Mr. Lawrence was pleased by my success in the classroom and in my sport, but what he celebrated most was the effort and sportsmanship it took to find that success.

Mount gave me the foundation to enjoy many wonderful things in life: to go to college, succeed in a profession, and most importantly have a family and raise kids with great morals and character.  Mr. Lawrence taught me so many things that helped me get the most out of all these experiences. To this very day, I find myself quoting “Mr. Lawrence-isms” to my business colleagues, friends and family.

I know that there are many of you who have a similar story to tell about Mr. Lawrence.

By establishing the Richard Lawrence Endowed Scholarship we are recognizing the incredible meaning that Mr. Lawrence has offered so many students, athletes, and Mount St. Charles as an institution.  But we are also creating a scholarship that in his name will, in perpetuity, provide financial resources to young people who need assistance to attend Mount.  That is one great combination!

I am pleased and honored to have started the Richard Lawrence Endowed Scholarship Fund.  I hope you will join me in building the scholarship fund as large as possible with an annual commitment or one-time contribution.  A percentage of the principle in the fund will annually be given to a student or students who are in financial need and demonstrate the values that Mr. Lawrence has taught for 50 years!

Mount’s Administration can answer any specific details about the Scholarship and they also have my contact information if anyone would like details from me.  I would love to hear from you!

Wishing all of you in the Mount Family many blessings and happiness,

Dave Celona

Class of 1987 

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