Marine Biology

Course Description

This is an introductory-level, year-long course, which includes disciplines such as oceanography, geography, botany, marine biology, and engineering. Physical properties of the ocean are studied through composition of seawater, geography of the ocean floor, waves, currents, and tides. The biological properties of the ocean are studied through food webs, and marine plants, animals, and environments. Although the ocean is the primary focus of this course, freshwater ecosystems are also studied. A long-term project is conducted involving the breeding of fish and maintenance of aquariums. The second semester of this class focuses on the anatomy of marine invertebrates and vertebrates with several dissection labs, as well as the building of remote operated vehicles for biological sampling. At the end of the year, students participate in a field trip to Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Massachusetts to collect marine specimens and conduct oceanographic and water quality measurements. Students also attend the High School Marine Science Symposium held at Northeastern University to learn about marine-related careers.

*Credit(s): 1.0

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