Composition & Rhetoric

The main objective of Composition & Rhetoric is to foster students’ reading and writing skills with a focus on non-literary reading and writing tasks. The course will involve various modes of formal writing, such as persuasive essays, narratives, editorials, speeches, research paper, as well as personal and informal writing, such as college application essays and dialectic journals. Students will continue to use the Collins Writing methods they have been taught in previous years (identifying Focus Correction Areas, drafting, utilizing the “one-foot voice,” peer editing, revising). They will learn to recognize the writer’s purpose and strategy by close readings of a variety of essays, letters, and speeches from many different cultures and periods and to see visual images as rhetorical texts and develop strategies in analyzing them. The course will help students to become familiar with the Modern Language Association style, both in citing sources and understanding the content of notes and bibliographies.

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