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    Hear from Our Students and Why They Love Mount!
    “My experience at Mount Saint Charles Academy shaped the very foundation of who I am and how I think.  The academics are, of course, outstanding and extraordinary, however Mount offers something much more than an exceptional academic education.  The Mount Saint Charles faculty and environment teach  values...something wildly lacking for many children.  How does an adolescent learn values?  How does an adolescent learn to treat others with respect and dignity, learn integrity, learn to work hard, learn to love, to give, and to forgive? These values are learned by being surrounded by a caring community who live those values and insist all those they interact with also live those values.  They learn them by seeing and watching and observing faculty and students respect and love each other.  That kind of environment is special.  It is sacred.  An environment that insists on a higher standard and raises expectations for its students is unique and should be treasured.  Mount does that, and has been doing it for over 90 years.  I was fortunate to be part of that environment, and for that I am grateful.  My Mount experience educated me, but it also ensured I graduated with a well-developed moral compass.  We should wish that all of our children could be this fortunate.” ~David King ‘91 , MD, FACS, LTC, MC, US Army Reserve

    There have been many tremendous athletes to go through Mount, and many far more deserving of this honor than myself.   When I look back what I find more impactful is how the teachers, coaches and administration helped shape the individual I am today.  And this is far more important than any athletic accolade I ever won.I am not sure you will remember this, but I have never forgotten the advice you gave during my Junior-Senior years at Mount.  They were very hard lessons I was not ready for about accountability, work ethic, humility and leadership.  I am still not sure at the time that advice “clicked”.   But 20 years later, these lessons resonate and certainly shape the individual I am.   I can still picture that moment in your classroom like it was yesterday.  These are the important lessons of athletics and leadership.” ~ A 2014 Athletic Hall of Fame Inductee and Alumna from the Class of 1991 to Mount's Athletic Director
    “I have adapted very well to Mount. I think these changes have had a positive effect on me. I love  the way everyone greets you with a hello as you walk by even if you don’t know who they are. Also, I like how the teachers really try to help you get use to the school and become more comfortable with the environment.” ~ Student
    “I look back at how quickly these four years at Mount have passed by and I am so grateful for the experience that my son had. Mount was a perfect fit for him. He was so happy there and received such a fabulous education. He made amazing friends and experience many unique opportunities because of his choice. We will always be thankful for the young man that Mount shaped.” ~ Alumni Parent
    “All 7th grade students have different school backgrounds, but Mount is such a great school that all these students from all these schools already feel a part of the MSC family.” ~ Student
    “We honestly feel that this has been the best decision we have ever made as parents on behalf of our child. Mount is a wonderful place and I tell everyone every chance I get!” ~ Current Parent
    “Coming to Mount was a big change for me. I had come from a public school to a private school. But I have adapted to Mount and now feel like I have been at Mount my whole life. The change has had a positive effect on me because I feel like I have more freedom and am treated like an adult.” ~ Student
    "I want you to know that my kids have loved their time at MSC. A large part of my son's college success is due to the kindness and excellent teaching/advising that MSC offers, as well as his participation in athletics and extracurriculars activities. My daughter is engaged and challenged and enjoying every moment of the day. I am so grateful to MSC for this, and for the staff and teachers, and for the fine loving and accepting community that you have created and continue to nurture." ~Current Parent/Parent of an Alumnus
    “I just wanted to extend a brief thank you, not only for the opportunity to experience college-level works and lessen the amount of preparation I have to do now, but also for the opportunity to learn a great deal beyond just literary analysis.” ~Alumnus 
    “Mount Saint Charles has shown all of my children a great experience. In 2014, my daughter was my last of 6 to graduate. I will miss Mount.” ~ Alumni Parent
    “I know that Mount not only made a difference in the person I became, but was instrumental in the successful adults both of my children will become.” ~ Alumna/Alumni Parent
    “I wish to extend my thanks to all of my son’s teachers here who helped him along his way. They helped build a strong foundation for him – how to think, how to learn, how to grow.” ~ Alumna/Alumni Parent