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    A Welcome from the Director of Athletics
    Dear friends,

    It was in the fall of 1969 when I first came to Mount Saint Charles Academy as a young teacher and coach. That was a long time ago, and people often ask me why I have stayed so long. The answer to that question is an easy one. I love it here because of the people who teach here and because of the young men and women who attend here as students. Together they make it a very special place.

    Five of my children have passed through this school on their way to college. My sixth entered this year as a seventh grader. I feel that I have received a gift in being able to have my children live through the Mount experience. All five of my children participated in the middle school and high school sports programs.

    As a parent and as an athletic administrator, I feel very strongly in saying that I believe that being a member of a sports team at this school is something that every student should experience. We have an education based athletic program where we teach values through sport. We promote excellence in what we do on the playing field (witness the fact that Mount Saint Charles has been the winner of the Challenge Cup – awarded to a school for excellence on the playing field, sportsmanship and fan loyalty - for the past three years), but we also promote participation. Some teams do make cuts; however, there are a number of teams which do not cut and accept students who are willing to work hard and learn.

    There are over 50 teams here and nearly 70 coaches. There is a place here for every student. Our goal is to have every student reach his\her own level of greatness. Parents, encourage your child to play a sport. Students, think about participating in athletics. I believe that it will make a difference in your lives.

    Richard Lawrence, CMAA
    Director of Athletics
    Mount Saint Charles Academy has a strong tradition of athletic excellence and Mount pride has been instilled in generations of students from the first ice hockey teams of Brother Adelard, SC, the Father of Schoolboy Hockey in Rhode Island, through the newest additions in team sports to our athletic program.

    Athletics at Mount Saint Charles Academy is an integral part of the formation of the whole child. We not only seek to form the physical strength, coordination, and skill of the child in his/her particular sport, but we also seek to form the foundations of character, perseverance, leadership, and teamwork in each child through his/her participation in athletic endeavors at Mount. For each season, there is at least one sport that is fully participatory at the high school and junior high level.

    Therefore, every single student who would like to participate in a sport in any given season has the opportunity to do so.

    Mount Saint Charles is committed to promoting the Five Principles of Honorable Competition. Every season, team captains of each varsity sport are engaged in a conversation of what it means to honorably complete and each is given the mission of promoting such behavior among their teammates. Each captain is asked to briefly describe in writing examples of honorable competition that occur during the season. The writing and telling of these stories makes a difference in the sports culture of our school community.

    Quick Facts
    • Athletics are offered at the junior high level (grades 6 - 8) and the high school level (grades 9 through 12), for both boys and girls.
    • Mount Saint Charles is a member of the Rhode Island Interscholastic League (RIIL) and the Catholic Athletic League (CAL).
    • Intramural sports are organized by the Athletic Department according to the interests of the student body.
    • Past favorites include flag football, indoor tennis and JH golf.