Mount Saint Charles Academy Expanding Programs

Mount Saint Charles Academy is expanding programs!  School officials are embracing a more efficient, more affordable model. Click the title above for the full story!
Mount Saint Charles Academy Expanding Programs
School officials embracing more efficient, more affordable model
Woonsocket - Mount Saint Charles Academy is expanding its offerings to students, particularly at the middle school level, and under a new business model, embracing a mission of affordability in today’s economic climate.
“This is something that has been part of Mount’s original mission when the school was founded nearly 100 years ago,” said Mount’s president, Alan Tenreiro. “The mission of providing a quality educational program to all who seek it.”
Mr. Tenreiro said the Board of Directors has adopted a new business plan that is more efficient, more effective, and more affordable that does not include cutting programs for students but actually expanding all extra curricula offerings.
Mount’s middle school tuition rate will be set at $8850 per year starting in the fall of 2018. “There are no other fees or hidden costs,” Mr. Tenreiro said, “and our strong core academic program is complimented by one of the most comprehensive extra curricular activities, clubs, sports, and after-school programs for middle school students in New England.”
In addition, after school sessions providing academic and homework support will be offered with dinner options available each night until 6:00 pm. “Parents can pick their child up after school knowing their homework is done, their music lesson is complete, they have participated in a club or activity, and they have already eaten dinner. Instead of spending time driving around, families can spend more time together at the end of the day."
The academic model being implemented for the 2018-19 school year includes a personal approach to traditional proven instructional methods and adds technology and communications components needed in today’s world.
“Mount Saint Charles Academy’s Middle School Program's four areas of emphasis are inquiry, collaboration, empowerment, and faith in action,” Mr. Tenreiro said. “Faith in action is about responding to the Gospel through lived experience by embracing a service oriented and civic-minded approach to resolving community problems.”
“We want our graduates when they are handed their diploma, to be headed off to college having already made a difference in their community,” he said “We want them to deeply understand the nuances of civic engagement, of service to community. It’s all part of the formation of the whole person. We’re not just about reading and writing, but about helping every child be a well-rounded, well-meaning, individual.”