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A day at Mount so academically challenging, socially fulfilling, and spiritually rewarding. Learn what goes on each and every day here and why it’s a special place for all of our students to learn and grow.

Mount Saint Charles Responds to Coronavirus

Mount Saint Charles responded quickly to the coronavirus outbreak by staying home, serving others, and continuing to learn and grow. We will be back on campus in 21-22! but visit the link below to see how we responded 

Help students and their families impacted by COVID-19

Support the new Sacred Heart Hope and Compassion Fund provide tuition assistance for families impacted by the pandemic.

Our Mission

We challenge our students through a rigorous academic program and through religious and co-curricular experiences to become people of faith who use their talents and intellects to serve others. Each and every student is known, valued, treasured, and taught in partnership with the family.


“I was talking to my mom and she brought up a great point that I haven’t been this happy at school in a long time and I totally agreed with her! I have been absolutely loving the school so much and I can’t wait to come back every day to learn more and keep growing and this school definitely gives me so many opportunities I never had before.”

Alexis Ells, Class of ’23


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