The Mount Saint Charles gymnasium was built in 1999. Our floor was resurfaced this past summer with hard oak. It is 14000 square feet. The facility includes two side basketball courts with the same dimensions as the main center court. There are also two side volleyball courts with the same dimensions as the main court. We also have a rock wall along the back wall of our gymnasium.
The Mount Saint Charles tennis courts were recently built during the summer of 2013. There are six hard surface courts located right across from our school.
Mount Saint Charles Academy's Adelard Arena is home to our Mount Saint Charles boys and girls hockey programs. Our arena also serves host to Rhode Island Interscholastic League games during the winter season. 
The Mount Saint Charles Upper Field is used for both our fastpitch softball and baseball programs during the spring season. During the fall season it is used for our boys' and girl's soccer programs.
The Mount Saint Charles Lower Field is used for both our boys' and girl's soccer programs during the fall sesaon. During the spring season it is used for our boys' and girl's lacrosse programs.
The Woonsocket YMCA's six-lane pool is host to both our boys' and girls' swim teams at Mount Saint Charles. The pool is used for practices and for hosting swim meets.
The Woonsocket High School track is used by our Mount Saint Charles boys' and girls' track programs during the outdoor season. The track has six lanes.
In the tradition of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart, we are a private, Catholic, college preparatory, 6th -12th grade academy committed to academic excellence, moral values, and well-rounded students. Our commitment to caring means that each and every student is known, valued, and treasured.