Mount Saint Charles Academy Middle School

Mount Middle School

The middle school program at Mount Saint Charles is designed to meet the specific academic, social, and emotional needs of younger students. This well-rounded, rigorous education places a special emphasis on developing the unique talents and gifts of our younger students. Mounties in the middle school elevate content knowledge and learner capabilities – important aspects of their growth that are necessary for success in higher levels of learning and beyond.

Connecting Students to Teachers and Students to Students

Mount’s dedicated, compassionate teachers go above and beyond to connect with middle school students. Many are active participants in afterschool programs, giving them more opportunities to get to know our young Mounties.

In addition, our Teacher Counselor (TC) program forms another layer of support for students. The small TC groups allow teachers to really get to know students, and students to get to know each other.

By providing a rigorous academic environment that challenges students to reach their potential, we can focus on building transferable skills that prepare students for high school and beyond. In short, we are teaching our students

Mount’s middle school focuses on success skills that are essential for learning now and throughout a student’s life:

  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Respect
  • Persistance

Middle School Academics

The academic program at Mount Saint Charles offers middle schoolers the advantage of being taught by academic content specialists. With different teachers for each subject matter, we are able to place an equal emphasis on knowledge and on the foundational skills that we know to be essential in all levels of learning and beyond. Some of our faculty crosses over from the middle school and high school, giving Mount middle school students opportunities to access advanced knowledge and experiences when they are ready.


Mount’s middle school has introduced at 1:1 Chromebook program. Students pick up “their” device at the beginning of the day and return at the end, helping them learn responsibility. We use technology to support learning, allowing students to collaborate and gain instant feedback. All of our students have a Google-based Mount account and can email within our domain.

Tech-free lunches

Mount middle school students have their own lunch, which is kept technology free. No smartphones, no tablets, and no Chromebooks. This gives our students time and opportunities to connect with each other, teachers, and staff.

Sports and Activities

Middle school is a time to learn, grow, and explore, and many of our middle school students engage in activities they have never tried before. To encourage participation, our athletics often offer no-cut policies so that anyone and everyone who is interested can take part. All middle school students are strongly encouraged to be involved in extracurricular activities as they build character, encourage team work and help create a well rounded individual.



Partnership with families

The Mount middle school program was completely revamped in 2017 in a collaborative process with parents and teachers. By combining the experience of our educators and the unique knowledge that all parents have about their own children, we’ve created an education that meets the needs of middle schoolers.

And as a true 6-12 academy, we can create unique paths for students as they progress through their education. We know where students need to be and by extending the program from middle school into high school grades, they can pace themselves. Students are given the right amount of time for them as individuals to gain the knowledge and experiences they need, and to build skills that are essential for success in school, college, and beyond.

And as part of the Mount family, middle school students learn what it means to serve others and stay true to traditional values.

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