Middle School Academics

Middle School Academics

The academic program at Mount Saint Charles offers middle schoolers the advantage of being taught by academic content specialists. With different teachers for each subject matter, we are able to place an equal emphasis on knowledge and on the foundational skills that we know to be essential in all levels of learning and beyond. Some of our faculty crosses over from the middle school and high school, giving Mount middle school students opportunities to access advanced knowledge and experiences when they are ready.

Our professional teachers have made a commitment to putting every student first. Whether students need a hand or need to be challenged, our teachers are there, ready to help with compassion and understanding.

Rigorous Standards

Our academic programs are built to help students learn and learn how to learn,  and each one is designed with students’ individual needs and interests in mind. These classes help students reach their own “next level” and are taught by teachers who have student success in mind at all times. Middle school students are encouraged to push themselves and explore their interests in our core academics and in our unique Success Classes.


Mount’s middle school has embraced technology as a learning tool. We use technology to support the educational process, allowing students to collaborate and gain instant feedback. All of our students have a Google-based Mount account and can email within our domain. Technology is used as a tool but does not form the foundation for learning at Mount.  Collaboration, creation and communication remain at the center or our students. 

Tech-free lunches

Mount middle school students have their own lunch, which is kept technology free. No smartphones, no tablets, and no Chromebooks. This gives our students time and opportunities to connect with each other, teachers, and staff.


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