Gymnastics Academy

At the Ocean State School of Gymnastics Center, our mission is to make kids’ lives better by developing responsible, self confident, physically fit individuals using gymnastics as the vehicle.

About the Program

We are now offering an innovative program in partnership with Ocean State School of Gymnastics for Junior Olympic Program levels 6-10 and Excel Program Platinum and Diamond levels for both boys and girls. This program will cut training costs and eliminate long afternoons and nights at the gym or traveling. This program will also create time for students to be connected to the extracurricular life of a school community with a strong legacy of putting students into the best colleges and universities in the country. Students can supplement their training at OSSG with dance training in Mount’s studio, strength training in the weight room with coaches and trainers from Northeast Sports Training Center, and on-site nutritional support. Training during the school day satisfies physical education requirements. That, and eliminating extended time in the gym after school, gives our gymnasts time for music, art, additional academic help, and other extracurricular pursuits.


Gymnasts will be blocked into three periods of gymnastics during the school day. Training a few times per week may continue after school until 4 p.m. or 5 p.m. These courses replace Mount’s physical education/health classes and electives, count toward high school graduation requirements, and are recognized when applying to college. The program will include travel by Mount shuttle to the OSSG center in Lincoln (13 minutes away) on a daily basis and travel back to Mount on days when the program does not extend past 2:15 p.m. Students will be trained by the elite coaching staff at OSSG and work with other experts in nutrition, strength and conditioning, and athletic training at both Mount and OSSG. Students are required to be enrolled at Mount Saint Charles Academy and become a member of OSSG to take advantage of this unique training program. OSSG will waive registration fees along with these discounted gymnastics prices for any athlete switching gymnastics centers.

Fast Facts

    • Rhode Island’s first and only program for training and educating gymnasts
    • Co-ed program available to students in grades 6-12
    • 3-4 hours of training per school day at the Ocean State School of Gymnastics facility
    • Nationally ranked and certified coaches with USA Gymnastics
    • Former Soviet Union Olympic coach on staff
    • On-site nutritional support, strength training, and physical therapy
    • Highest level of training at a lower cost

Program Cost

$5,500 + regular MSC tuition*

(Great savings on gym costs and transportation time)
We’re not just creating great athletes, we’re developing better kids.

Annie Loureiro Lyons

Co-owner & Head Coach

Anne Loureiro Lyons has been co-owner of the Ocean State School of Gymnastics, Inc. since 1980. She dedicates her life to the progression of the business and the development of children. After raising two daughters and training them through the program, she now enjoys helping her grandsons follow the same path gymnastics offers. Anne graduated Summa Cum Laude from Rhode Island College with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a certification in elementary education. Anne has 10 years of experience as a gymnastics competitor finishing on the RIC team. She also holds a national level coach status with USA Gymnastics.

Ashley Lyons

VP, Head Coach

Daughter of owners and founders Anne and Tim Lyons, Ashley has been involved in gymnastics her entire life. She has been coaching for over 17 years and has been running OSSG’s competitive girls team program since 2005. She recently became director of all girls’ competitive teams. Ashley has helped gymnasts receive state, regional, and national titles throughout her career. She also holds a national level coach status with USA Gymnastics.

Tim Lyons

Co-owner & Head Coach

Tim Lyons discovered his love of gymnastics at age eight. Competing for the Turners, YMCA, AAU Gymnastics, and USA Gymnastics programs for a ten-year period of time, Tim was in the top ten in New England and top 25 nationally for most of that time. He trained at the elite level in high school then was offered a full scholarship for his gymnastics abilities at Springfield College. Tim then left school to join the United States Marine Corps and serve his country. His motivation was his father who spent six years on the USS Enterprise in WWII. After completing his USMC tour of duty, he brought his knowledge of gymnastics and combined it with the discipline from the USMC, met Anne Loureiro and the rest is history – OSSG was born! Tim also holds a national level coach status with USA Gymnastics.

Amber Wild

VP, Coach, Dance Coach

VP, Coach, Dance Coach Amber has been with OSSG since birth, learning under the direction of parents Anne and Tim Lyons. She has been coaching gymnastics for over 20 years. After studying dance performance at Rhode Island College, Amber has taken on the role of head dance coach and choreographer. Along with those responsibilities, Amber also coaches in the Xcel and Junior Olympics programs. She also holds a national level coach status with USA Gymnastics.

Yuri Allakhverdov

Elite Coach

Yuri was a former USSR elite team coach for the Soviet Union men’s team at the Olympics. He spent 30 years in the USSR as an elite coach, where he taught several national, international, and Olympic bronze, silver, and gold medal gymnasts. His last accomplishment before leaving the Soviet Union just after its collapse was to coach Olympic athlete Valeri Belenki, who competed in the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona, Spain. When the collapse of the Soviet Union happened, Yuri and his family were forced out of their homes and honorable positions and fled to the United States. Because of Yuri’s high position in the USSR, he was given instant citizenship in the USA. After working at a gym in N.J. for ten years, Yuri moved to R.I. to be closer to his grandchildren. He now offers his expert coaching talent to the boys and girls teams at OSSG.

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