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An era in Mount Saint Charles hockey ended when the iconic chain-link fence that ringed the Adelard Arena ice for 40 years was replaced with impact-resistant glass in 2016. But anyone who wants a reminder of pucks and players bouncing off the white metal mesh can get a piece of the fence for their wall, desk or shelf by making a donation to Mount.
Mount Saint Charles is selling sections of the fence, mounted on wall plaques or standing displays, to raise money for the hockey teams and other school programs. The donation for either the desktop or wall-mount plaque is $599. Wall-mount plaques can be customized with an inscription for $45.
Each section will be inscribed with a serial number identifying it as a section of the Adelard fence. Buyers will also receive a certificate of authenticity.
    • Wall mount plaque
    • Desktop mount plaque
“We’re pretty sure it was the last fence in an American hockey arena,” said Mount Saint Charles President Alan Tenreiro. “It was a hard decision to replace the fence because so many people associated it with Mount hockey, but it was time.”
Mount alumni and former NHL star Brian Boucher said the fence was one of Mount’s calling cards. Although it didn’t give the Mounties a home ice advantage – the small ice sheet handled that job – the fence stood for Mount hockey.
“I loved the fence. It was uniquely ours,” Boucher said. “It was old school, and we kept it as long as we could. I grew up playing in Adelard from when I was 5 years old with the Woonsocket North Stars, so the rink and the fence are things I’m super proud of.”
Each plaque is made to order by hand, and no two will be exactly alike. And while your plaque may not be delivered in time for the holidays, you will be able to download a gift receipt with a photo of a sample plaque and a copy of a certificate of authenticity.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call Jennifer Sheytanian, Community Relations, at (401)769-0310 ext. 176 or email her at sheytanianj@mtstcharles.org

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