Mount Middle School is ready for you!

The middle school experience you want this fall

In school, every day

For the Fall 2020 start, our goal is to have every middle school student in the classroom, every day, but we’re starting slow with middle school students in cohorts, alternating days that they’re in the physical classroom. Mount has always been one of the best places to learn, and we are working to create a safe learning environment where middle school students can thrive and challenge themselves this fall.

How are we creating a safe learning environment

We’re following public health guidelines and best practices to make sure students and staff will be in the best learning environment while being safe.

  • Students will learn in clusters, similar to elementary school models, so that they will stay in “family groups”  – limiting risks and providing a close-knit social group that is so essential to the middle school experience
  • Students will attend in Red and Blue cohorts, alternating days when they are in the classroom and when they are learning remotely
  • Students will be challenged in and out of the classroom with custom experiences designed specifically for subjects and their clusters
  • Social-emotional learning supports are being developed specifically for Mount middle school student needs

In-person learning, in and out of the classroom

We have embraced the technology over the past few years, incorporating it into our teaching and learning.  Our students and teachers have seen the benefits all along, and this spring, that experience helped us pivot to distance learning. And it’s helping us plan for this coming fall.

We’ll be using the same technology to make sure our students are learning in-person, whether they are in a classroom on campus or taking part in class from home. We are integrating the distance experience into every day classroom activities, from group work to teacher-student interaction to social-emotional learning. Students will have every opportunity that every student has, regardless of where they are taking classes from.

Constant additions to the middle school experience

We are working to make sure that the middle school experience – so vital for the academic, emotional, and spiritual growth – is experienced by each and every student, while maintaining the safest in-classroom environment around. Every day our plans expand and evolve, making for a richer, more positive environment for our students and faculty.

Want to know more about how our plans are evolving with goal of safe enrichment of our students? Join our administration and staff for an upcoming live webinar where we will detail more of what students and parents can expect in the fall.

The perfect time for middle school students

Our middle school students, teachers, and staff led the way this spring, and we’re doing it again in the fall. We’re making plans and changes as we need to, including making it easier for students to join us for the best education around:

  • Streamlined enrollment process
  • Financial aid
  • Extended enrollment dates

Parent Portal

Get a head start and learn everything you need to know to be ready for the fall in northern Rhode Island’s best private middle school. Register for access to our student and parent portal to see reading lists, uniforms, and other information designed to make it easier for you to start your student on the right foot!

Excelsior Days are every Wednesday

Every week on Wednesday, when all Mount students are learning from a distance, we will focus on social and emotional learning. Our students will spend the day catching up on work, but also meeting with their counselor so that we can focus on the needs of each and every student as an individual.

The school counseling team is developing a social and emotional learning curriculum, and faculty and staff will participate in professional development to continue to support students in the best Mount tradition. Wednesdays will also be “club day” when students can participate in what traditionally have been after school activities. 

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