Excelsior Development Programs

About the Excelsior Development Programs

Providing opportunities for our students to grow their individual talents is central to our mission. Excelsior Development Programming allows our students the opportunity to participate in and develop their own learning opportunities that help them to reach their fullest potential. Due to the nature of these opportunities, additional program fees may apply.

Mount Saint Charles currently offers the following Excelsior Development Programs:

  • Sur la Glace Figure Skating
  • Soccer Skills Development
  • Elite Dance

Sur La Glace Figure Skating 

Skaters receive regular ice time, dance and pilates training in the school’s studio and off-ice conditioning in the weight room.  Skaters who work with private coaches are afforded the opportunity to work with them on ice during their scheduled skating time.  Sur la Glace courses earn students a wellness credit, count toward high school graduation requirements, and are recognized when applying to college.

Soccer Skills Development 

Mount offers an innovative program for soccer players off all levels in grades 6-12 to supplement their on-the-field skills during the school day. This soccer skills program allows for valuable supplemental training time, can cut external training and coaching costs, eliminates daily travel, and creates time for extracurricular activities so that Mount student soccer players can be more than athletes.

Elite Dance

The Elite Dance Team meets during a scheduled period during the school day and has other special rehearsals and seeks to qualify for the National Dance Team Championship. All members must try out for the team in June.