Be a part of something better

Get a better start on your future in Mount’s middle school program!

Ongoing enrollment for Fall 2021 start

Our school is a home away from home where you can: 

Be loved in a safe, caring environment and be connected to teachers who are compassionate, available, and engaged 

Our teachers and staff are the foundation and beating heart of our school, and they’ve made a commitment to putting every student first. Whether students need a hand or need to be challenged, our teachers are there, ready to help with compassion and understanding.

Be challenged by rigorous academics

Our academic programs are built for success, with students’ individual needs and interests in mind. Classes designed to take students to their next levels are taught by teachers who have your success in mind at all times. Middle school students are encouraged to push themselves and explore their interests in our core academics and in our unique Success Classes.

Be involved in social opportunities that extend beyond the school day

Your Mount day doesn’t have to stop at 2:30 p.m. Want to hang out with friends in the cafe? You can do that. Want to watch a high school baseball game? We’ve saved you a seat. Want to learn something new in a club or participate in a sport? We have something for you.

Be inspired and explore your interests

From athletics to the arts to extracurricular activities that range from robotics to dance, we have something for everyone. New student-initiated clubs start every year, so the Mount experience shaped for and by our students.

Be a part of a community that is supportive and centered on the Foundation of the Catholic Faith

Our Faculty have made a choice to serve and teach as part of their Catholic faith, and this has created a supportive and caring environment to learn in. The whole Mount community benefits and is inspired by our faculty’s dedication to teaching.