Awards and Scholarships for Mount Students

Recognizing the talents and initiative of Mount’s current students

Recognizing the accomplishments, initiative and talents of our students is essential. Each year, we invitemembers of our school community to request consideration for scholarships awarded at our spring ceremonies. 

Below is a list of the scholarships and honors we anticipate awarding this spring for students in grades 9, 10, or 11. All members of our school community are invited to review each descriptor carefully and to consider students who embody the attributes listed for each scholarship. Students are encouraged to read the descriptors and to put their name forth for consideration.  Links to submit names are included at the bottom of each section.

Once a student has been nominated for a scholarship, it is not necessary to submit a second nomination. Student names submitted will be put onto a ballot and the faculty/administration and scholarship committee will vote on award recipients. For questions regarding scholarships, please email

To Be Considered

To be considered for a 9th,10th, or 11th grade scholarship, please fill out the application at the link below.

Awards for Grades 9, 10, and 11

Acts of Kindness Scholarship (9, 10 or 11)

A $250.00 award presented by the Service Opportunity Depot. It is given to a FRESHMAN, SOPHOMORE or JUNIOR who has been an active participant in the program, giving not only a significant number of hours to serving the local community, but for displaying compassion and concern for those served.  The recipient is considered a role model that others should follow. 

Br. Robert R. Croteau SC Legacy Scholarship

A $500.00 award that is presented annually in honor of the Academy’s former teacher and President, Br. Robert Croteau SC, to a student who is the child or grandchild of Mount alum and who is on the honor roll and has demonstrated enthusiastic participation and leadership within the school community. The recipient is a FRESHMAN or SOPHOMORE is selected by the members of the administration.

Cahill Memorial Chemistry Scholarship (11)

A $300.00 award presented in memory of Joseph C. Cahill, Class of 1945, to a JUNIOR who has demonstrated excellence and determination in the field of chemistry. 

J. Wendell Phillips Scholarship

Established in 1997 by his family to honor his long life advocacy and support of Mount. $200 is awarded to a SOPHOMORE who possesses a deep faith and compassion demonstrated through daily life.

Joyce St. Andre Memorial Scholarship (11)

This $500 Award was established in 2012 to assist a JUNIOR who demonstrates an interest in attending college to pursue a career in teaching and who exhibits kindness through volunteering and having positive interactions with students and faculty.

Mark R Martin ’75 Memorial Scholarship

This $500 award was established by the Martin family in loving memory of Marc. This award recognizes a FRESHMAN OR SOPHOMORE who is hardworking and persistent (though he/she may not always be recognized with grades near the top of the class). This student is dedicated to helping others whether the action be big or small, is genuinely kind, fun loving, and well liked and whose presence is always felt.

Patrick Cooney Memorial Scholarship (11)

This $1000 award is given to a JUNIOR student who demonstrates perseverance, having overcome adversity while maintaining a passion for learning and creativity. This award recipient is someone who is truthful and authentic in their interactions and genuinely appreciative of the many gifts and talents of his/her peers.

Reverend Thomas Trepanier Music Scholarship (11)

A $250.00 award presented to a JUNIOR in the band who has demonstrated a passion for music and is a contributor to the school community. 

Richard & Carol Waddington Scholarship (9-11)

This $1,000 scholarship should give preference to current Mount students that will be incoming 9th graders that show promise in a secondary language. However, the award may also be given to a Mount high school student that achieves the honor of the Seal of Biliteracy or achieves a top score on a foreign language AP exam or national exam while at Mount.

St. Aloysius Gonzaga Leadership Scholarship (9-11)

From the athletic field to leading a club or organization, this $500 scholarship will be given to a selected individual or individuals who have shown leadership qualities and can articulate how these qualities will positively impact the Mount community.

St. Catherine of Siena (9-11)

Mounties use their gifts and talents to serve others. This $500 scholarship supports students who are involved with activities outside of the traditional classroom setting. Whether it be participation on our Robotics team, mock trial, scouting, athletics or participation in a church youth group, we value the experiences students bring to our Mount community.

St. Francis of Assisi Scholarship (9-11)

The $500 Saint Francis of Assisi scholarship recognizes students who care for the environment and are environmentally conscious. Recipients of this scholarship have served in the Mount garden and/or participate in the Earth Crew for the 21-22 school year.

St. Genesius Scholarship for Artistic Excellence (9-11)

Those blessed with a gift in the arts are encouraged to apply for this $500 scholarship that will be awarded in recognition of artistic excellence in creative writing, dance, drama, music or visual art. Chosen recipients of this scholarship must enroll in at least one arts class (band, dance, chorus, visual art…) for the 22-23 school year.

The Dupuis Memorial Scholarship (9 or 10)

$500 Award given to a FRESHMAN OR SOPHOMORE in memory of Raynald ’59 and his father Rene ’26 to a hard working student who shows great respect for all teachers and demonstrates a good sense of humor.

The Jeraldine Ferry Memorial Scholarship (9 or 10)

$1000 award established to assist a FRESHMAN or SOPHOMORE who demonstrate a love of biology, exhibit dedication and hard work, are involved in extracurricular activities and strive to achieve and grow in the understanding of this natural science. In memory of Mrs Ferry, a biology teacher and a National Teacher of Excellence who died in 1994. 

The Louis J. Laperle SC Chemistry Scholarship (10)

A $500.00 scholarship presented in honor of Br. Louis and sponsored by Dr & Mrs. Claude Trottier, Class of 1956, to a SOPHOMORE who has demon­strated excellence and determination in the field of chemistry. The recipient is selected by the members of the Science Department in consultation with the Administration.

The Nancy Certo Memorial Scholarship (11 or 12)

This Scholarship is a $500 award given by the Certo Family in memory of Nancy Certo, a singer who studied under Arturo Toscanini and sang both opera and big band era songs in the 1930s and 40s. This award is given to a JUNIOR or a SENIOR who has a passion for the performing arts.

The Pawtucket Red Sox Scholarship (9)

Established by the late Ben Mondor ’42 this $500 award is given to a FRESHMAN who exemplifies the qualities of hard work and commitment to academic studies.

The Robert Mondor ’56 Memorial Scholarship (10)

Given to a SOPHOMORE who demonstrates a genuine enthusiasm for the study of the French language. The recipient is selected by the Foreign Language Department and is awarded $200.00.

The Valley Breeze Scholarship (11 or 12)

This $750.00 scholarship is given by the Valley Breeze to a JUNIOR or a SENIOR from Mount St. Charles Academy who demonstrates achievement in either Journalism or Writing.

William Brodeur Memorial Scholarship (11)

Presented to a Mount JUNIOR in memory of William Brodeur.  The $500.00 winner must demonstrate a love of religious values, give of his/her time, be devoted to family and school, have a good work ethic and be respectful of others.

Other Recognitions 

  • Student Leadership Association
  • Excellence in Dance
  • All State Band and Chorus
  • Charlie Award (Theater)
  • Tri Sport Athlete
  • Department Awards
  • Hugh O’Brien Leadership Award
  • Young Leaders Award

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