Philosophy of Admissions

Becoming a Mountie!

We look for young people who can benefit from and contribute to the educational and religious mission of the school.

In order to maintain a strong educational environment, an admissions process has been established to help inform the Admissions Committee about a student's ability to perform academically to our expectations in a college preparatory program.

Special consideration is given to those applicants who already have a link with our school community. We usually respond affirmatively to siblings of present students and to children of faculty, provided we are not setting the child up for failure, or placing the child within a competitive situation that would adversely affect the student's self-image and/or future goals. We do this because we believe that a family that has demonstrated loyalty and commitment deserves a positive response from us.

Children of alumni and those who have already demonstrated a commitment to Catholic education receive an edge in the admissions process, but only if the student has scored in an acceptable range, has performed well in the present school, and has received satisfactory teacher recommendations.

While we are committed to accepting and producing well-rounded students, athletic ability or excellence in other co-curricular activities are not criteria for acceptance and are not considered during the admission process.

Decisions are based on nationally-normed entrance exam results, current performance in school as evidenced by school transcripts, and teacher recommendations.
In the tradition of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart, we are a private, Catholic, college preparatory, 6th -12th grade academy committed to academic excellence, moral values, and well-rounded students. Our commitment to caring means that each and every student is known, valued, and treasured.