Academic Support

The purpose of the Academic Support Center is to motivate students and foster self-confidence.

Building Academic Success.

Strengthening reading skills and reinforcing good study and organizational strategies are the building blocks of academic success. The Center works with students in achieving these goals. Placement in the program is determined by means of referrals and testing. At the beginning of each school year, 6th and 7th graders are administered the Group Reading Assessment and Diagnostic Evaluation in order to assess their strengths and weaknesses in reading comprehension. Based on those results, as well as referrals from the Guidance Department, students are invited to participate in the program.

The program provides individual or guided small group instruction, as well as a variety of motivational enrichment activities, which reinforce good reading and study skills. Through individual content areas students are taught methods to read, study and analyze information in their textbooks in order to achieve success in the classroom. Students are encouraged to use the audio versions of their textbooks to enhance their understanding of the material. The staff also works with students on math skills and strategies of problem solving. In addition, instructional science videos as well as computer software for history and science are utilized to reinforce the more difficult concepts in these subjects. The Center has a volunteer Chemistry and Physics tutor who works with individuals on a weekly basis.

Each student in the program is assigned to one of the two full time teachers in the Center and meets with that teacher during his or her unstructured time. The number of times a student is scheduled is dependent on the individual’s needs. Student progress is continually assessed. When necessary, the Center staff communicates with parents, content teachers and/or the student’s Guidance Counselor.


List of 2 members.

  • Mrs. Joan Morin 

    Teacher - Academic Support
  • Miss Clorice Senno 

In the tradition of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart, we are a private, Catholic, college preparatory, 6th -12th grade academy committed to academic excellence, moral values, and well-rounded students. Our commitment to caring means that each and every student is known, valued, and treasured.