Middle School Success Classes

The Building Blocks of Success

Our Middle School Success classes help students build the knowledge, confidence, and core skills necessary to be a learner in today’s world by engaging in a variety of experiences. These classes are created to encourage inquiry, collaboration and responsibility and they allow students to learn in a fun and authentic way.

Mount Saint Charles middle school students select up to two of these success classes per semester –  up to 12 different experiences over the course of their middle school years. Success classes are flexible, allowing time for students to meet with core teachers as needed while encouraging  inquiry, collaboration and responsibility and allowing students to learn in a fun and authentic way.

Perseverance, Collaboration, and Creation

Success class teachers provide feedback on students’ ability to persevere, work collaboratively, create quality products and reflect on their abilities and will not be graded in the traditional sense.  Students are not given homework or expected to do work outside of success classes aside from the expectation to participate in the end of semester “Success Showcase,” a culminating experience where students share their learning with others.

Reflection is an integral part of the Success Class experience with teacher feedback being given throughout the semester based upon the six success skills listed below.

Empowered Learner

Takes initiative as  an active participant in the learning process by reflecting and being able to identify personal strengths and challenges.

Collaborative Worker

Works well with others in a joint intellectual effort.

Respectful Citizen

We put our faith into action by being compassionate and respectful of ourselves and others, including areas such as:

    • School Citizenship
    • Responsible Citizen
    • Employability Skills
    • Mount Pride/Character

Quality Producer

Creates organized and professional products.

Persistent Knowledge Seeker

Asks and seeks answers to questions and works through challenges with grit & perseverance.

Effective Communicator

Uses verbal and non-verbal forms of communication in ways to enhance interpersonal connections and increase understanding of others.

What Kinds of Success Classes are there?

Classes based on student requests and interest.  These classes are scheduled to allow students in all Middle School grades to meet others with similar interests.

Some classes in recent years include:

    • Ukelele
    • Intro to Ceramics
    • Shark Tank
    • Retro Recess
    • Middle School Dance
    • Photography
    • Lego Robotics

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