World Languages

Mount students can earn a Seal of Biliteracy, signifying their proficiency in at least two languages.

Communication is key, and students at Mount Saint Charles know this best. We pride ourselves on our ability to educate students who are world learners, and young adults who can communicate in various languages. Our World Language Department helps mold students into creative, responsible, and culturally aware members of society who not only understand language and communication, but are also enthusiastic learners of the globe.

High School Program

Mount Saint Charles requires that a student take two years of the same language while in high school. Various colleges have requirements based on the intended area of study. Students are strongly encouraged to consider future college and career aspirations when selecting their language program. French and Spanish courses level 3 or above may be offered virtually if there is limited enrollment at no cost to the family.

Chinese, French, Latin and German Virtual Learning Options

Two years of Chinese, Latin, and German are available as online options for students. These courses offer additional flexibility in scheduling, as students are able to complete online components at their own pace outside of the traditional day. These courses are offered to supplement our program and as a result, have an additional fee paid by the family. Please note students looking for a third or fourth year of a language should not choose this path.

Program highlights

  • Students can earn a Seal of Bi-literacy, signifying their proficiency in at least two languages
  • Opportunities to take various National Language Exams
  • Students connect via Skype and FaceTime with students around the globe, through schools in Spain, San Jose, Costa Rica, and Ecuador
  • Students participate in cultural experience trips to Spain and Costa Rica


“The World Language Department gives all students the privilege of immersing themselves into other countries’ languages, cultures, and histories. The department provides Mounties with the opportunity to learn about the importance of communicating with people of other backgrounds and understanding their customs and traditions.” – Saniya Lakhiani, Class of 2019

“I teach every day because I love kids. It’s an honor and a blessing to teach the students at Mount, who are kind and eager to learn. They are open to new ideas and are highly motivated. I teach Spanish every day because I have a passion for the language and love to open my students’ eyes to how people live in different countries. My job is rewarding because students begin in 9th-grade with no Spanish skills, and some are fluent by the end of their senior year. It’s impressive to see how much they put into their learning and the benefits and skills that they develop. – Jill Torres, chairwoman of the World Language Department

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