Mathematics Department

Mathematical literacy is taught at Mount Saint Charles Academy, where we align our students with relevant coursework needed for entry into college degree programs and for math competency throughout their lives. Mount students learn – and apply – critical thinking and problem-solving skills to communicate mathematically using a variety of methods.

Our students work in cooperative settings toward common goals, facilitating both traditional and new, technological ways of learning. At Mount, we use diagnostic testing and course performance in the middle school, and standardized testing data will also be utilized when determining math placement in the middle school.

Program highlights

  • Students learn various ways of checking their work, using materials such as digital tools and online platforms
  • Problem-solving, communication, and notational skills are emphasized through the math program
  • Presentation of findings allows students to showcase their work and methods, skills needed in college and life beyond Mount


“Mathematics is often a weak spot in students’ learning abilities, but Mount’s mathematics department will help each and every student to grow stronger as a learner and a Mountie, and every teacher goes above and beyond to ensure that their students are being taught in the most effective way possible.” – Julia Prew, Class of 2021

“We want them to be able to have a wide exposure to a variety of writing different applications and also show them the beauty of mathematics. We form a much stronger relationship than you’ll find in most schools, and they really feel confident to come to us at any point and say, “I need some help.” – Alexandra Pepin, Mathematics Department teacher

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