History & Social Studies

History/Social Studies Department

The Mount Saint Charles History/Social Studies Department guides students through their development and deep sense of understanding of historical and ongoing world events and societies across the globe. By learning about government, leaders, economics, and other cultures, our students broaden their horizons of what the world represents and the human experience at large. Our students read meaningful stories, hold engaging and invigorating discussions, and dive into detailed research that prompts them to grow in multicultural, responsible adults in society at the local, national, and global scale.

Program highlights

  • Students participate in National History Day, the National Geographic Bee, and host their own “wax museum” of leaders and figures of history around the globe.
  • Law professionals visit Mount to provide students real-world perspectives, discuss relevant materials, and answer students’ questions about their field of work


“It’s important for good citizens to have a background in U.S. history. It opens your eyes to the world. I’m very proud of the History Department, we (educators) put our heart and soul into it. We all work really hard at it, we all love the topic – I think the kids see that.” – Joseph O’Neill, History/Social Studies Department chairman

“The history department at MSC offers some of the toughest classes a high schooler can ask for. These classes have helped shape my character and academic nature.” – Everett Misto, Class of 2020

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