Mount Saint Charles students mean business. We know proper financial management is something students need for successful futures, regardless of which career path they choose to take. We ensure our business courses are about more than just numbers. These classes, taught by our dedicated staff members, help our students become financially literate, explore their passions in various fields through economics, and develop a true understanding of the many facets of business and finances in everyday life.

Our students may be young, but don’t let age fool you – through our business program, they learn what it takes to excel through both teamwork and the ability to be independent and the value of determination and hard work.

Program highlights

  • World-class curriculum, in part developed by esteemed Dave Ramsey
  • Financial literacy courses teach students about applicable skills they’ll use in their everyday lives and the business world


“The business program at Mount Saint Charles will expose students to relevant topics in the world in which we live. The goal of the business program is to provide students opportunities for experiences that will build their business acumen, but also skills in leadership, teamwork, and accountability. All of these skills will provide students a solid foundation in financial literacy, which will help them excel beyond the wall of Mount Saint Charles Academy.” – Julie Beauvais, assistant principal

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