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Middle School: Grades 6-8

The Middle School program at Mount Saint Charles is designed to meet the specific academic, social and emotional needs of adolescents.  Students will receive a well rounded education where their unique talents and gifts are developed while elevating content knowledge and qualities of a learner that are necessary for success in higher levels of learning and beyond.


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  • Grade 6

    • Religion 6
    • English 6
    • Math 6
    • Science 6
    • Social Studies 6
    • Wellness 6
  • Grade 7

    • Religion 7
    • English 7
    • Math 7 or Pre-Algebra
    • Science 7
    • Social Studies 7
    • Wellness 7
  • Grade 8

    • Religion 8
    • English 8
    • Pre-Algebra 8 or Algebra I or Algebra I Honors
    • Science 8
    • Social Studies 8
    • Wellness 8


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  • Success Classes Explained

    Mount Saint Charles believes in the importance of providing exploratory opportunities for students as they build essential foundational skills of success.  The only required success course in middle school is Digital Literacy (Beginning with the Class of 2025).

    Success classes offer students the chance to engage in a variety of experiences that help them to build knowledge, confidence and core skills necessary to be a learner in today’s world.  Students will select up to 2 classes per semester, allowing for many different experiences over the course of their middle school years. Courses with an asterisk (*) can be taken more than once.  Success classes are flexible, allowing time for students to meet with core teachers as needed while encouraging inquiry, collaboration and responsibility and allowing students to learn in a fun and authentic way.

    Success teachers will provide feedback on students ability to persevere, work collaboratively, create quality products and reflect on their abilities and will not be graded in the traditional sense.  Students will not be given homework or expected to do work outside of success classes aside from rehearsals connected to courses with an * and the expectation to participate in the end of semester “Success Showcase”, a culminating experience where students share their learning with others.  Courses will be run based on student interest within a given semester.  

  • Success Class Opportunities

    Philosophy & Debate
    Bone Chiller
    Guts Galore
    Science Olympiad
    Minecraft History
    Draw What You See
    World Culture
    Retro Recess
    Safe Sitter Babysitting
    Your Best U
    Digital Photography
    Comp. Science Discoveries
    Lego Robotics
    STEM Machines
    Beg. Instrumental Music*
    Making Murals
    Drama *
    Intro to Visual Arts
    Book Club

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  • 6th Grade

    Grade Six

  • 7th Grade

    Grade 7

  • 8th Grade

    Grade 8

In the tradition of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart, we are a private, Catholic, college preparatory, 6th -12th grade academy committed to academic excellence, moral values, and well-rounded students. Our commitment to caring means that each and every student is known, valued, and treasured.