Mount Students Serve Others at Navajo Reservation

Mount students put faith into action in Arizona

The Mount Saint Charles Mission Statement says in part, “We challenge our students through a rigorous academic program and through religious and co-curricular experiences to become people of faith who use their talents and intellects to serve others.”

The recent trip to St. Anne’s Mission at the Navajo Reservation in Klagetoh, Arizona was an opportunity to serve others in a profound and faith-filled way. During their time at the mission, 11 Mounties served others, mainly older women, by completing manual labor tasks such as hauling, splitting and stacking wood, installing a paver walkway, cleaning a veterans cemetery, helping with chores at a sheep range, repairing a fence and painting. In giving, they received. Students gained an appreciation of the Navajo history and culture, were awed by the land, and touched by the beauty and strength of the people they served.

Mr. Lawrence’s yearly reflections help bring meaning to the experience.  To read this year’s reflection, CLICK HERE