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    The guidance program at MSC is made up of two high school counselors, one junior high counselor and 35 teacher-counselors. The department serves the needs of students, parents, and faculty.
    The school counselors are responsible for counseling and advising students. Counseling includes dealing with personal, family, and relational problems; college selection; and the resolution of issues of concern. Advising usually includes working with students on study habits, time management skills, and course selection. Serious attention is given to aiding students and parents with the college selection process.
    Two parent programs are offered dealing with the college application and placement process. The first, held in the fall of the student's junior year, focuses on all the information that is covered with students during the group guidance sessions of both the junior and senior years. The second, held in December of the senior year, focuses on the financial aid process and is conducted by a local college financial aid officer.
    The Teacher-Counselor program is the foundation of the Academy's commitment to caring. The "TC" is the every day guidance counselor and serves as an advocate for the student on a regular basis. Our goal is to keep students from "falling through the cracks" and to be sure that MSC is a place where every student is known, valued, and treasured.

    Each Teacher-Counselor is also a homeroom teacher. In addition to regular homeroom duties, the "TC" holds students accountable for unstructured time, encourages and supports, stays in touch with content teachers, serves a contact person for parents, and makes referrals to guidance peronnel when necessary. Teacher-Counselors meet with the entire group twice daily, at the beginning and the end of the day, and with each student individually. Individual meetings may be formal or informal and are used to discuss academic progress and personal concerns.
    College Placement
    As a college preparatory school, Mount Saint Charles places a great deal of emphasis on the college placement process. Approximately 99% of our students go on to college, with 97% attending a four-year institution and 2% continuing at a two-year college. Our students are awarded more than $10 million in scholarships and grants annually. MSC uses the Naviance guidance tracking system.

    Group guidance sessions are held during the junior and senior years and cover various topics such as PSAT and SAT preparation, career exploration, college applications, application essays, the Common Application, interviews, financial aid & scholarship opportunities, and choosing the right college. Additionally, individual sessions with a school counselor are required of each senior to personally review the student's progress on the college selection process.
    Mrs. Lisa Tenreiro
    Director of School Counseling

    Mrs. Vivian Ferry
    Teacher/School Counselor
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    Mrs. Nicole Burke
    School Counselor
    College Acceptances
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