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    Junior High: Grades 6-8

    Mount Saint Charles Academy's junior high program is built using a traditional model of classes, but with the opportunity for students to experience a wide-range of exploratory classes and extended classroom opportunities.
    Hear from our junior high students: What do you like about Mount?
    "I like that the upperclassmen try to help us as much as possible to make us feel more comfortable!"
    "I like that Mount teachers give you a lot of freedom."

    "I like the Mount community and how nice and helpful everyone is."

    "I like the diversity of classes at Mount."

    "I like the size of the school and I also like the teachers, activities, and sports." There is always something to do."
    Courses & Electives

    Grade 6
    Grade 7
    Grade 8
    Religion 6
    English 6
    Math 6
    Science 6
    Social Studies 6
    Wellness 6
    Religion 7
    English 7
    Math 7 or Pre-Algebra
    Science 7
    Social Studies 7
    Wellness 7
    Religion 8
    English 8
    Pre-Algebra 8 or Algebra I or Algebra I Honors
    Science 8
    Social Studies 8
    Wellness 8

    Electives for Grade 6 Electives for Grade 7 & 8 Exploratory Electives for Grades 6 & 7
    Art 6
    Band 6
    Intro French & Spanish
    Basic Art Concepts
    Junior Band
    Intro French & Spanish
    Desktop Publishing
    These classes are non-graded, no homework opportunities to explore areas of interest. 

    Some examples:

    No "I" in Team
    Indoor Activity Trail
    Lego Robotics
    Web Design
    Little Buddies
    Workout Warriors
    Math Study Skills
    Big Bang Theory (drums)
    Phoneography 101
    It's Not Fair!

    Hear more from our junior high students: What is your favorite thing about Mount?

    "I love Mount because it feels like another family."

    "English is my favorite class because I love the discussions we have and what we do. I also love art!!"

    "I love my Wellness class because it teaches you how to stay healthy and fit."

    "My favorite thing about Mount is the teachers. All of the teachers are super nice and helpful."

    "I love Intro to French because it is interesting and Miss Turcotte is really nice!"

    "My favorite class is Lego Robotics because you learn how to program robots."

    "My favorite thing about Mount is that my sister and my cousins came here and they loved it so much."

    "My favorite class is Social Studies because we're studying Greek and Roman history - my favorite!"

    "My favorite class is English because Miss Barnhart is so kind and caring."
    Grades 6 & 7 Hike

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