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    Weight and Conditioning Room

    Weight and Conditioning Room Renovation Project
    Our goal is to increase the effectiveness of our phys ed and sport programs through the unification of nutrition education (health classes and the cafeteria) and weight and cardiovascular training. This school-wide initiative is designed to make exercise a part of every student's daily life and will strive to aid students in acquiring and maintaining the knowledge and skills necessary to develop an appreciation for physical fitness activities. Yet, we are precluded from properly teaching our students all aspects of a healthy lifestyle due to a lack of usable weight training/cardio space. Though our gym is only 12 years old our weight and conditioning room is old and cramped. This locale is original from when the school was constructed in 1924 with some updates taking place in the late ‘60s. The current size and condition of the space prevents our students from using the room. 

    This capital project calls for us to combine two underutilized spaces and repurpose a third. These areas consist of a storage room now used as the weight room, a locker room, and a shower room (both used primarily for storage). Renovation will begin with the removal of a wall between the weight room and locker room in order to incorporate the two spaces. This will increase the size of the training room from 660 ft2 to 1,518 ft2. The shower room will become a new locker room by re-using the lockers from the old locker room. This will more than double the size of the training space and provide a clean, safe changing area.

    The second phase calls for us to discard much of the weight training equipment we now have. This equipment, which was acquired used, is cable driven and has served well beyond its usable life. Most is broken and unsafe. From our current equipment we will keep two Olympic benches, one military press, two utility benches, one set of Olympic plates, one set of dumbbells, and a myriad of standard Olympic and hex bars. The majority of the equipment we hope to obtain  is made of heavy-gauge steel and is plate loaded, which means it is safer, easier to maintain, and more student-friendly.

    Ultimately, 100% of our students will be trained on proper exercise technique and equipment usage in the weight and conditioning room. With a larger, easier to use space we foresee the room being booked before, during, and after school. The physical education department would have complete control during the day in order to incorporate strength and conditioning into their lesson plans. Before and after school the room would be utilized by our weight and conditioning club, which could increase its participation from 25 students to 50 or more, and our various teams. Our teams would finally have the opportunity to bring all players together for training thus building team camaraderie.

    The cost to renovate this area has come in at $148,040 while the amount needed to properly equip the rooms for student use is set at $101,770 for a project total of $249,810. If you would like to become involved in seeing this project brought to fruition, please contact the Office of Institutional Advancement, at 401-769-0310 x177.

    Thank you for helping our students lead a better, healthier life!