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    The Order of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart is the legal owner of the Academy. 

    The Board of Trustees

    Br. Ronald Hingle, SC, Chairperson
    Br. Francis David, SC
    Br. Joseph Rocco, SC
    Br. Roger Lemoyne, SC
    The Board of Directors (formerly the School Board) approves the annual budget and is responsible for the property and the finances of the Academy as well as decisions having financial implications. It is committed to assisting the administration in formulating policy consistent with the educational framework of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart and within the guidelines of the State of Rhode Island. In addition to formulating policy, the Board is charged with supporting the chief school administrators in carrying out their administrative functions.
    Board of Directors
    All members of the Board of Directors volunteer their time and effort and serve without financial remuneration.
    Gerald R. Piette, '76, Chairman
    Elizabeth Cannata, '83
    Dennis Darveau
    Scott DiChristofero, '84
    Br. Robert G. Gagne, SC
    Kevin Goffe
    James Hanley, '96
    Matthew Jarret, '95
    Br. Roy Pinette, SC
    William Ryan, '73
    Frank Simonelli, '92
    David Soucy
    Thomas Ward, '71
    Herve. E. Richer Jr. ’74, President

    Ex-officio members:
    Edwin F. Burke Jr., Principal
    Tracy Mulligan, Business Manager
    Br. Roland Champagne, SC, Director of Facilities
    Julie Beauvais ’96, Faculty Representative